Celestial Chicken - Susabelle Kelmer


What is the Celestial Chicken?

Susabelle Kelmer is a writer, mother, wife, compuer geek, gardener, crafter, amateur photographer, circus fan, and crackpot. Celestial Chicken is a website of all things Susabelle, or at least, a few things Susabelle.

Why Celestial Chicken?

Hmm. If there were a straight answer I wouldn't have to explain it. I have a thing for Chickens. Learned it from my beloved Gramma Perry, and probably from a past life. I collect all kinds of things chicken. Chicken figurines, chicken dishes, towels with chickens on them, stained glass lamps shaped like chickens. After accumulating somewhere around 500 chicken items, I've now had to turn a bit picky in what I buy, as there will soon be no more room for chickens in my house. My very first chicken was a white milkglass covered chicken dish I inherited when my Gramma Perry passed away. So I blame my collection all on her.

The Celestial is because it makes me think of peace and quiet. And because one of my friends suggested that when I open up that Bed and Breakfast I want someday, that it should be called the Celestial Chicken Bed and Breakfast. I liked it, even though it made no sense.

What will I find here?

I will be providing links to all the interesting, and possibly not-so-interesting, things I dabble in, most especially my writing.